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Events of 1950
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Events of 1950

I thought it might be interesting to add the events that were happening in 1950, since most of us was born that year.  All of the following information was taken from "1950 Remember When....A Nostalgic Look Back in Time", published by SeekPublishing.

1950 Timeline 1950 World News 1950 National News 1950 Sports News 1950 Cost of Living
1950 Birth Notices 1950 Music & Movie Favorites    


1950 Timeline

January February March
Jerusalem becomes the official capital of Israel.


London: Atom scientist Klauss Fuchs is jailed as a spy.


Truman warns congress that foreign aid cuts would risk WWIII


April May June
Penicillin is used to wipe out venereal disease in Haiti.


Diner's Club issues its first credit card.


The Supreme Court bars segregation in two colleges.


July August September
The U.S. Army calls 100,000 through selective service.


In California, a B-29 carrying an A-bomb crashes into a trailer camp, killing 17.


A French weather ship hits drifting WWII mine in English Channel, 51 are killed in the blast.


October November December
The FCC authorizes CBS to begin commercial color TV broadcasts.


Blizzards kill 250 across the United States.


James Dean begins his career with an appearance in a Pepsi Commercial.




1950 World News

North Korea invades South Korea on June 25, capturing Seoul.

The Soviet Union announces its possession of the atomic bomb.

The U.S. officially recognizes Vietnam and begins military support of its regime.

The Soviet Union and China sign a treaty which names Japan and the U.S. as enemies.

King Leopold, after six years in exile, returns to Belgium.

The Mambo is introduced from Cuba.

The International Olympic Committee votes admission to West Germany and Japan in 1952



1950 National News

The one-piece windshield is offered on the new Cadillac.

The FBI begins its "Tem Most Wanted Criminals" publicity campaign.

President Truman orders the production of the hydrogen bomb.

U.S. Census finds 150 million people.

The Brink's robbery in Boston involves seven men who have stolen nearly $3,000,000 from Brink's headquarters.

Television ownership in the U.S. begins to increase sharply, with estimates showing 8 million sets being used.

Federal troops take control of U.S. railroads; Truman orders the move in order to prevent a strike.



1950 Sports News

World Series Champion - New York Yankees

U.S. Open Golf - Ben Hogan

Pro Football Champion - Cleveland Browns

Indianapolis 500 Winner - Johnnie Parsons/124.002 MPH

Stanley Cup Winner - Detroit Red Wings

NCAA Basketball Champion - City College of New York

College Football Champion - Oklahoma

Heisman Trophy Winner - Vic Janowicz from Ohio State

Remember When - At their annual meeting, NFL Owners approved the unlimited substitution rule that had been used on a trial basis in 1949, setting the stage for two-platoon football and the game's modern specialist.



1950 Cost of Living


New Home $8,450.00
Average Income $3,216.00 per year
New Car $1,511.00
Average Rent $75.00 per month
Tuition to Harvard University $600.00 per year
Movie Ticket $0.65 each
Gasoline $0.18 per gallon
United States Postage Stamp $0.03 each


Granulated Sugar $0.85 for 10 pounds
Vitamin D Milk $0.84 per gallon
Ground Coffee $0.70 per pound
Bacon $0.50 per pound
Eggs $0.24 per dozen
Fresh Ground Hamburger $0.49 per pound
Fresh Baked Bread $0.14 per loaf



1950 Birth Notices

January 18 - John Hughes - Director February 3 - Morgan Fairchild - Actress
February 18 - Cybill Shepard - Actress April 12 - David Cassidy - Entertainer
May 13 - Stevie Wonder June 20 - Lionel Richie
September 21 - Bill Murray - Actor October 11 - John Candy



1950 Music and Movie Favorites


All My Love (Bolero)  by Patti Page

Chattanoogie Shoe-Shine by Red Foley

The Cry of the Wild Goose by Frankie Laine

Hoop-Dee-Doo by Perry Como

I Wanna Be Loved by The Andrews Sisters

Mona Lisa by Nat "King" Cole

Rag Mop by the Ames Brothers

Sentimental Me by the Ames Brothers

The Tennessee Waltz by Patti Page

The Thing by Phil Harris



All About Eve - Academy Award Winner


Sunset Blvd

Father of the Bride


Born Yesterday



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