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BHS 50th
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50th Anniversary of BHS Building

On Friday night, August 7, 2009, the class of '59 (the first class to graduate from what we all know as our high school), sponsored a dance in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the high school building and in honor of their 50th class reunion.

To represent the class of '68, Cinda Harman (Lally), Dorothy Pifer (Drumheller), Connie Jacoby (Sours), and Lou Dalberto attended.  A tour of the high school was provided by Joanthan (JJ) Cleaver (Class of '94), the high school principal.

Although there have been significant updates made to the building, to those of us who have not been back in the past 40 years it was more surprising what has NOT changed.

Lou thought the cafeteria looked smaller than what he remembered.  How do they now serve 1000 students?  The auditorium still has the original seats, although some have been obviously recovered.  We walked on the stage, which still has the original wood floor.  Connie was able to point out where she and Cinda had their concert seats on stage.  The plan is to change the wood floor to a black floor which better highlights what takes place on stage, be it concerts or plays.

On  to the Band Shell........I'm sorry to report the built in risers are gone.  However, the room has been designed to be acoustically correct and all the trophies stand as prod sentinels around the ledge.  We believe Prof's ghost is still there.  Individual practice rooms have been added.  A music room with computers is available for students to create their own digital music and burn their own CD's.  (Although we did see an "antique" turn table available for their use.)

The class rooms look smaller than what we remembered.  JJ told us the lockers are still the same, maybe even the combinations.

There is now a Media room, from which students can create their own TV shows and news programs.

The OFFICE has been significantly updated, although non of the four of use spent much time there when we were in high school.  There are now camera monitors all over the building and property.  They have three full time guidance counselors to assist about 1000 students.

"Gym" class no longer exits.  It's something called Wellness for Life.  The updated facilities are open at 7 AM and are state of the art.  Apparently, about 68% of the students participate in organized sports.  They plan to offer lacrosse next year.

JJ showed us the new basketball court at the Middle School and we came back into the high school through the original basketball court.  Remember those basketball games and wrestling matches?

One of the most surprising things that had NOT changed is the floor.  Believe it or not, it continues to be the brown speckled flooring that we remember.

We wish that more of you could have joined us for the tour as we had a great time reminiscing while walking the halls of BHS.



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