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45th Reunion
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Hope all had a great time at the 45th. Reunion.  More pictures to follow.  We would like to thank John Sours (Connie Jacoby Sours' husband)  for providing the pictures of the mixer and reunion.  Great Job, John.

45th. Reunion        Friday Night Mixer


First Row: Rich Fetterman, Jerry Slowick, George Coffman, Bob Cleaver, Charlie Wagner, Ron Torsello, Ralph (Eddie) Johnson, Randy Freas
Second Row: Polly Johnson Remley, Sally Adams Frey, Joanne Harrison Berkheiser, Shari Beck Slowick, Sharon Carter Coffman, Jacqueline Kishbaugh Hartzel, 
Cathy Kubasek Smith, Diane Hess Stanton, Brenda Basala Spencer, Colette Kachurka Ashton, Jane Chapin Gatewood, Jill Warner Hellenthal, Dave Hellenthal, Lou Dalberto
Third Row: Stephen Folk, Rose Kapachinsky Andreas, Karen Slusser Fetterman, Kathy Mack Steiner, Cindy Shaffer Berkheiser, Patty Vodnik Beck, Charleen Vandermark, 
Kathy Poarch Niemcewicz, Connie Jacoby Sours, Diane Kurapatskie, Arden Oliver
Fourth Row: MaryAnn Diltz Badaldo, Alicia Hunter Huntington, Jane Lex Ashenfelder, Phyllis Lex Deitterick, Cindy Watts Ulanoski, Dorothy Pifer Drumheller,
Larry Nespoli, Ned Steiner, Jim Doyle, Doug Sitler
Fifth Row: Fran Tuza O'Dell, Cinda Hartman Lally, Kathy Hontz Sitler, Cathy Wise Harter, Ron Minnier, Tom Becker, Alan Gryshuk
Sixth Row: Lois Kershner, Greg Brown, Wayne Rough, Richard Rupp, Jay Henrie, Conrad Markle
Seventh Row: Jerry Steward, Ron Kile, Jeff Rarich, Jeff Maurer, Harold Kershner



David and Jill Warner Hellenthal




Cindy Shaffer Berkheiser and Dorothy Pifer Drumheller


Shari Beck Slowick, Ned Steiner, Dorothy Pifer Drumheller and Mark Drumheller




John Bower and Connie Jacoby Sours


Tom Becker and  Barry Wyshinski


Mary Ann Diltz Badolato and Phyllis Lex Dietterick


Jacqueline Kisghbaugh Hartzel


Alicia Hunter Huntington


Jerry Steward


George Coffman


Dan Dellegrotti


Charlie Wagner


Ned Steiner


Fran Tuza O'Dell


Lois Kershner


Jay Henrie


Jerry Solwick


John Bower


Sally Adams


Cathy Hontz Sitler


Wayne Rough


Jeff Rarich


Cinda Hartman Lally


Steve Romeo


Rich Slavich


Jim Doyle


Lou Dalberto


Larry Nespoli


Kathy Poarch Niemcewicz


Kathy Mack Steiner


Karen Slusser Fetterman


Sharon Carter Coffman


Brenda Basala Spencer


Jane Davis Birt


Robert Cleaver


Tom Hower


Cindy Watts Ulanoski


Bradley Schuyler


Cathy Kubasek Smith


Jane Chapin Gatewood and husband, Roger


Alan Gryshuk and wife, Debbie


Cathy Wise Harter


Rich Fetterman


Polly Johsnon Remley


Ron Torsella


Richard Rupp


Randy Freas and Jeff Maurer

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Friday Night Mixer












Steve Folk


Jerry Slowick


Jeff Mauer


Mike Slivetti


Ron Torsella


Diane Kurapatskie


Richard Rupp


Conrad Markle


Sally Adams, Ron Minier, Shari Beck Slowick


Ralph Johnson, Jeff Maurer, Charlie Wanger, & Jerry Slowick


Brenda Basala Spencer


Cinda Hartman Lally


Tom Becker & Fran Tuza O'Dell


Scott Canouse & Raplh Johnson


Charlie Wagner & Jane Davis Birt


Lou Dalbert & Arty Oliver


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